Sergio Rodríguez Saavedra

Sergio Rodríguez Saavedra (Santiago de Chile, 1963) is a professor, poet, and literary critic. He belongs to a generation that he has defined himself as "the blacked-out generation," since its members had to take on, in their youth, the consequences of the "cultural blackout" that their country suffered. He is a member of the Writers' Society of Chile and the International Honor Committee of the Frans Masereel Foundation (Belgium). He has published the verse collections Suscrito en la niebla [Signed in the fog] (1995), Ciudad poniente [Setting city] (2000), Memorial del confín de la tierra [Memorial to the edge of the earth] (2003), Tractatus y mariposa [Tractatus and butterfly] (2006), Militancia personal [Personal militancy] (2008), Centenario [Centenary] (2011), Ejercicios para encender el paso de los días [Exercises to ignite the passing of the days] (2014), and Patria negra, patria roja [Black homeland, red homeland] (2016). They have earned him various awards in his country, whose poetry continues to stand out for its quality, richness, and willingness to take risks. He has served as subdirector of the journal Rayentrú, reviews editor of the newspaper Carajo, and director of the editorial project Santiago Inédito. He has collaborated with the journal Pluma y pincel, the supplement Literatura & Libros and the weekly El Siglo.

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