Lucas García París

Lucas García París (Caracas, Venezuela, 1973) is a graphic designer. He has published short stories, articles, and comic strips in The Barcelona Review, El Nacional, Diario 2001, and PRODAVINCI, among other publications. He is the author of the novels La Más Fiera De Las Bestias [The fiercest of the beasts] (2014) and Acabose (2013) and of the short story collection Payback (2009). For the novel Rocanrol (2006), he was awarded the Francisco Herrera Luque Prize by Editorial Grijalbo. In his work, García París combines the humor and uncertainty in which every place is full of temporal and spatial structures. His most recent publication, El Reino [The kingdom] (2017) passes from "pop writing" to the "Thriller remix" to "the kingdom," where trickles of blood dilute into darkness.

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