Editor's Note

  • Marcelo Rioseco
    It is no coincidence that this new issue of Latin American Literature Today is dedicated to the Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramírez. One of the reasons is literary; a reason that gives us a great...
  • Marcelo Rioseco
    We are living in times of change and uncertainty. In recent months, the entire planet has appeared to be shaken by violent political and cultural transformations, not all of them positive, and some th...
  • Marcelo Rioseco
    Perhaps it is not unreasonable to suggest that Latin American literature has never been less Latin American as in recent times. This is not a new phenomenon, far from it. Literature in general moves l...
  • Marcelo Rioseco
    Along with Parra disappears not only the antipoet, but also a literature in itself; the ingenuity, the humor, and the ease of an artist whose antipoetry was a blow to language itself, to solemnity and...
  • Marcelo Rioseco
    Between the release of this issue and the last, this part of the world seems to have been stricken with every sort of natural disaster. Hurricanes and earthquakes have left regions of the American con...
  • Marcelo Rioseco
    Sometimes it can be illustrative to look at the present from the perspective of the past. It can also be devastating. I’m currently reading the biography of Octavio Paz by Christopher Domínguez Michae...
  • Marcelo Rioseco
    Today, when the second issue of Latin American Literature Today (LALT) is published, nothing will have changed in Venezuela. The political crisis of the Maduro regime has been measurable by dea...


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