• Censor Anti-Plagios
    I never credited the author. But I did put the poem in quotations. That was the exercise: guessing who the author was. A few dared insinuate that the poem was mine.
  • A Tattoo
    But Alina clings to his embrace with stubborn resistance. She’s closed her eyes and in that momentary darkness she senses that another tattoo is branching out inside her, adding dark petals to the vio...
  • Buenos Aires
    Mateo arrived in Buenos Aires when he was ten years old. Twelve more have gone by since; he has repeatedly convinced himself that it was worth it to rid himself of his Peruvian identity. His evocation...
  • Rosario Barahona
    It’s strange, but that’s what I was thinking about when I (un)heard an unusual clanging on my street’s sidewalk: a taxi door that closed with a crunch, a couple of male voices and some far-off steps,...
  • Lola Copacabana
    L.L. has just gotten up to eat a piece of gelatin—approximately five grams worth—off the floor. It’s not something she gives much thought to and, as she runs her tongue over her gums to remove the cru...
  • Mexican Road
    He wasn’t convincing, but I didn’t want to argue. Besides, deep down, I wasn’t too worried about the trip: how bad could it be? I’d get to Torreón in the morning, drop off some documents, they’d sign...
  • Milena Solot
    Memo, it’s so long since I spoke to you, your face is blurred in my mind. Do you remember the last time? I do. How could I forget? In case you’re struggling, I’ll refresh your memory: it was when Elod...
  • Gisela Kozak
    Lamento della Ninfa is the first record I put on, barefoot in your strange and beautiful house, half empty, still unfinished and lacking a garden, on a mountain in a wide valley, so wide that t...
  • Úrsula Fuentesberain
    No one has an answer. The papers say… My mistake. The papers don’t say anything. Just like all of us, they merely spell out silent words.
  • Bones
  • Alberto Chimal
    There are two men in the video.  They're walking between the cars through the parking garage.  The camera is attached to the ceiling, or maybe to one of the concrete pillars, and both are moving away...
  • Juan Pablo Roncone
    My wife and I used to rent a house near the beach. We liked to get out of Santiago once in a while and watch the afternoon go by from the porch. My wife’s name is Antonieta and she writes for the cult...
  • Beach
    I ended up here because of my allergies. The headaches, the congestion, and the fatigue had become unbearable. After various rounds of antihistamines, injections, and other treatments, my doctor sugge...
  • Juan Carlos Méndez Guédez
    … Holy Virgin of Barajas, I promise you it’s not a tango, I just like whistling, whistling any old thing, I whistle a lot, and that’s why I always make this face when people here in Madrid shout at me...
  • Óscar Godoy
    She looks (her?) out onto the street from her seat on the doorstep. Her eyes (her!) scan the facades, empty sidewalks and cars that occasionally pass (despicable). Then she smiles...
  • Pool
    There are more swimming pools in France than in any other European country. Almost 100 people drown in French pools every year.
  • Miguel Gomes
    The ghost of my father first appeared to us three hours after the funeral. He was sat on the sofa in the study, with a book open in his lap and the lamp on (it wasn’t clear why: it was only five in th...
  • Claudia Ulloa Donoso
    Before Eloísa, I was lonely and insecure, and at the start of our relationship it was hard for me to accept the men in her life. Now, I understand how good the situation is for us both.
  • City X
    Alberto Chimal’s Twitter novel, Ciudad X: Novela en 101 Tuits, was originally published on Twitter on October 10, 2014, and subsequently in print version a year later, along with another short...
  • LALT Logo
    The title story in Peruvian writer Claudia Ulloa Donoso’s collection Pajarito starts with a description of the narrator’s cat. He’s seven kilos, furry, antisocial. He has seven lives in Peru an...


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