Felipe H. Lopez

Dr. Felipe H. Lopez is originally from the Zapotec town of San Lucas Quiaviní, Oaxaca. He currently serves as advisor to the Oaxacan State Commission on Human Rights. At the age of 16 he migrated to Los Angeles, California, speaking no English and little Spanish. By 2007 he had earned his Ph.D. from UCLA in urban planning. It was at UCLA that he began working with linguists to document his language, resulting in a trilingual Zapotec-Spanish-English dictionary (Munro & Lopez et al. 1999). His Zapotec poetry has also been published in the Latin American Literary Review and The Acentos Review. The short story featured in LALT, "Liaza chaaI am going home," was awarded first place in the narrative category in the 2017 Premios CaSa competition for the creation of literature in Zapotec. The Spanish translations are his own. He is presently working on a book of Zapotec language poetry. More of his writing can be found at http://felipehlopez.weebly.com/.

  • Felipe H. Lopez
    It seems like the heavy rain is gone, I hear a lot of water flowing in the streets outside the house. Even though the downpour has passed, it’s still drizzling, but I think I won’t get too wet if I go...
  • Hierve el Agua
    When I saw you, the Sun rose. / You illuminated my darkness. / You warmed my heart. / Even though it’s cold, I don’t feel it. / You are it. / You are me. / We are it. / We warm the earth.


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