Carlos Cociña

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Carlos Cociña (Concepción, Chile, 1950) is a poet. His name permanently circulates on the literary circuit. He published his first book in the early eighties, with the emergence of the "Neovanguardia," as a part of the experimental scene in Chile. His work has earned him the respect and admiration of the Chilean writing community. Aguas Servidas [Served waters] (Santiago de Chile) is considered one of the key works of his country's poetry. He is a constant writer, and he has also published poetic texts online (, such as A veces cubierto por las aguas [Sometimes covered by the waters] (2003), 71 (setenta y uno) (2004), and Plagio del afecto [Plagiarism of affection] from 2003 to 2009. He received the Municipal Literature Prize (2014) in the area of Poetry from the Municipality of Santiago, Chile. His recent publications include La Casa Devastada [The devastated house] (Spain, 2015), Poesía Cero [Zero poetry] (Anthology, Santiago de Chile, 2017), and La Casa Devastada (definitive edition, Santiago de Chile, 2017), which was awarded the Best Works Prize (2017) in the area of Poetry by the Circle of Art Critics of Chile.


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