Four Poems

K’iche’ writer Manuel Tzoc Bucup.


I am
a small, pale poem
—that never said anything—
and wants to erase itself
with tears



My death
are empty books hung along a bombed-out wall
my body
the empty and bombed-out wall

From Escop(o)etas para una muerte en versos b…ala (2015)


Child X

The only thing you can’t lose
in this world of loss and debts
is tenderness,
embrace yourself/touch yourself with your fireous fingertips
dance on a summer afternoon to the rhythm of the waves
and also imagine
and imagine again
never tire of imaging
your death among the clouds
a wooden toy car
a rainfall of grey sunflowers
my chocolate cake child X
who lives only in my head
because he doesn’t exist

Oh! My storm-child
of the passing comet
with his crippling fingers
let yourself be burned
with the rays of a tepid sun
let yourself be carried away by a wind
that moves towards forgetfulness

From “De textos insanos” (2009)


My love
phallic hallucinogenic mushroom
semen of light
testicles of blue rain
hands tentacles pleasure
for you:
my multidimensional anus
my animal lips tongue
(you penetrated me with your cock and eyes)

From Gay(o) (2015)

Translated by Paul M. Worley


Number 8

The eighth issue of Latin American Literature pays homage to Nicaraguan writer and politician Sergio Ramírez, winner of the 2017 Cervantes Prize and an important voice in a country currently gripped by crisis. We also feature poetry from Octavio Armand, as well as special sections dedicated to four indigenous writers of Mexico and Guatemala, bilingual sci-fi from Worldcon 76, and the poetry of Marosa di Giorgio, Olga Orozco, and Elena Garro. 

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Featured Author: Sergio Ramírez

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