Two Poems

Mapuche poet Elicura Chihuailaf.

Ñi pewma mew vlkantunmu ti puel mapu witrunko

Choñv kachuwvn 
gvnetulmekefiel ti mawvn
ka pvrvm wamfiñ ti pvlef 
       chi mawvn
witrulu lelfvn mew
Gvforechi mu ti mawvn!
allkvtuwvn, puru purugen
       ti rayen mu
Nepeli fey ayiwkvlen witrañ    
nvwkvlean feyti kvme nvmvn    
       lafanza rayen mu.


When the Waters of the East Sing in My Dreams

I am withered grass
waving at the rain
but soon I feel the first drops
falling on the fields
Let this water soak me!
I hear myself say, dancing 
       amongst the flowers
When I wake up I will rise 
and held up by the scent
       of lavender.


Ko ñi newen yeneenew

Zewma fvchan iñche aliwen 
       rayilelu mu 
azkintulen fiñ ti afpun mapu
Tunten kvrvf mew miyawken?    
Nome lafken mew petu konchi 
       antv mew
werkvlenew zewma ñi Kallfv Kvyen
amuan ka ñi llowmeafiel 
       pu Fvchakecheyem
Kallfv, kallfvley tati mapu 
       chew yiñ amuan
Ko ñi newen ñochikechi yeneenew
Wenu Lewfv kiñe pichi troykeley 
       mvten tuwaykvlelu kom 
       afpun Mapu mew

Tvfachi Pewma mew mvlewean:
Remumvn pu remukelu! Ñvkvfkvlen     
lakenochi vlkantun mogen mew.


The Spirits of the Water Carry Me Off

I am old, and from a blooming tree 
       I look at the horizon
How many airs did I walk? 
       I do not know
From the other side of the sea 
       the setting sun 
has already sent out its messengers
and I am departing to meet
       my ancestors
Blue is the place where we go 
The spirits of the water carry me off 
       step by step
Wenulewfv / the River of the Sky
is barely one small circle
       in the universe

In this Dream I shall stay: 
Stroke, oarsmen! In Silence 
       I move away
in the invisible song of life.


Translated by Camila Yver


LALT No. 3
Number 3

The third issue of LALT features the debut of our permanent section devoted to Indigenous Literature with writing in languages from Mapudungun to Tzotzil, as well as remarkable short stories from Cristina Rivera Garza and Yoss, the rising star of Cuban science fiction.

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Featured Author: Cristina Rivera Garza

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Dossier: Eight Chilean Poets

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