She opened her eyelids and in rushed all the shadows of the breaking day. They were voluminous stains—“Opacity is the spirit of objects,” her therapist said—that allowed her to make out some battered furniture and, farther away, a phantomized body scrubbing the floor with a hobbit mop. “Shit,” she spat onto the wood against which the uglier side...

City X

Alberto Chimal’s Twitter novel, Ciudad X: Novela en 101 Tuits, was originally published on Twitter on October 10, 2014, and subsequently in print version a year later, along with another short novel, Día común [Common day], in a collection titled Historia siniestra [Sinister story].

Border Riders

From the rubble of war-gutted Juárez they emerge: el Chamuco and his rumblefish clique. La Güera is at point, machete and Glock in hand, wheaten hair bound in a bandana. Next comes Einstein, hairnet askew, Stacies badly in need of a shine, knapsack full of bat- tered books and gadgets. Payaso brings up the rear, droning a constant comedic...



The present stands still, turns sparse, disappears into other pasts that do not pass, that happen right now, and continue and shall continue to happen, as a dream or remembrance.

Octavio Armand

Octavio Armand is a Cuban poet and essayist whose collected work (1974-2016) was recently published in three volumes: Contra la página (Against the page, 2015), and Canto rodado (Spinned Stone, two volumes, 2016). Armand...


“That voice was heard and then it was gone, it began and it ended; its syllables thundered and were heard no more, the second behind the first, the third after the second, and the rest in the same orderly succession. With the last word spoken,...


The neo-Baroque produced a strange air of family resemblance in the Cuban writers we most associate with the heights of that aesthetic— José Lezama Lima, Severo Sarduy or José Kozer; an air that is not breathed into the text, much less into the...


The New Novel

In LALT 1.4 (October 31, 2017) I published an essay detailing some of the controversies involved with Chilean poet Juan Luis Martínez’s (1942-1993) posthumous body of work. This literary detective story began in 2013 with my discovery that the first publication after Martínez’s death —a book of mostly unpublished lyric poems and interviews called...


Comemadre is “a plant with acicular leaves whose sap produces (in a leap between taxonomic kingdoms that warrants further study) microscopic larvae. These larvae devour the plant, leaving only tiny particles behind; the remains then spread to take root in the soil, and the process begins again.” From New York, Heather Cleary tells us about her...


Cervantes 2017

Allow me to dedicate this prize to the memory of the Nicaraguans, who in the last few days have been murdered in the streets for demanding justice and democracy and also to the thousands of youths who continue the struggle with no other weapon than their ideals, so that Nicaragua may once again be a Republic. I come from a small country that...

Rodrigo Fresán

He was awarded the Roger Caillois prize last November and the Best Translated Book Award in May, and so there are those who have already designated this “the year of Rodrigo Fresán.” And this is being said without counting the publication of two parts of an ambitious trilogy.

Violeta Parra

Introduction: Violeta Parra set in motion a fresh look at what it meant to be Chilean, fearlessly, shamelessly, and transparently. Her creative field was cultural memory. When she began her research, this memory had been rejected in Chile. Her role was, in one way, to discover and affirm this memory and, in another, to enrich it with her own...

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